Areas to explore

My girlfriends and I made exploring an adventure sport on this holiday. We spent two days in Aghoro in the Delta region of Nigeria (famed for oil and pirates). We ended up going to Bayelsa via a plane ride from Port Harcourt before getting onto a dinky little boat for an hour to Aghoro. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else but boy was it a thrill for us!


Best Shopping 
Get as much fabric as you possibly can. I bought some fabric from a lady called Miss Titi at Marina in Lagos, that my friend Cherrie (a designer) turned into the dopest outfits for me six years later. South Africans will love shopping in Naija because the exchange rate recognises that we’re African! :-))


Greatest memory

On our plane back to SA, we saw Uncle Hugh Masekela sitting in business class. I plucked up the courage to go greet him and ask for a picture. Uncle Hugh was a such a flirt, he tapped his lap and told me to sit on it for the pic! My life was made!


Where to stay
I’ve only been to Lagos – still need to go to Abuja and other places – and found that generally Ikoyi has great hotels so anywhere around that area is a good choice for travellers. We stayed at the Southern Sun Ikoyi

What/where to eat 

Drink some Star beer but generally, you won’t find a nation on the continent that loves champagne more than Nigerians. My girlfriends and I were practically swimming in bubbles on our trip!

Go for sundowners and dinner at Sky Bar at Eko hotel

Make sure to have some Jollof rice with spicy fish at Lagos’ restaurant-cum-bookstore, Terra Kulture in Victoria Island


Any tips for new travellers 

Don’t allow anyone at the airport to carry your bags or help you with anything. Say no and mean it. Or else you’ll find yourself paying for it. Wait for your lift/driver, ignore everyone else and keep saying no thanks. Heed my advice.

Steady your nerves for the traffic, driving and speed. I can’t stress this enough.