Areas to Explore

A boat ride on Lake Victoria is mandatory. Lake Nyanza, as the Bantu people refer to it, is one of the African Great Lakes and is the continent’s largest lake and the world’s second largest freshwater lake. However, if you like nature and the wild, try visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.


Best Shopping

There are several markets to shop from in Uganda but we went to Wandegeya Market in Kampala, where you can get everything from fresh food to accessories.


Greatest Memory

Driving in the streets of Kampala at night, watching motorbikes and people weave through traffic, the city bustling as if it’s midday.

Where to stay/ Eat

The Lake Victoria Serena Resort is where I stayed in 2016. With incredible views of Lake Victoria and spacious rooms, this is one of Kampala’s top hotels and doesn’t let down. If you like gin, it is a must that you have coconut flavoured Uganda Waragi gin, I liked it so much I bought a bottle and took it back home with me.


Tip for new travellers

Eat as much local food as possible. From a ‘rolex’ – a popular street food in Kampala made of an omelette and raw tomatoes – to the number one local dish called Luwombo, a traditional stew made from beef, chicken or fish served with steamed veggies. And if you like bread, you must taste Uganda’s chapati bread, you won’t regret it!