Areas to explore

London was the first place I went to overseas and was so lucky to stay at the Selfridges Hotel (thanks to Thompson’s Travel, while I was a writer for Marie Claire!) and couldn’t believe my luck. Alas, my hotels have not been as plush since that trip!

Do everything, go to the London Eye, take the Hop On Hop Off bus, go to West Minister Bridge and take a photo with Big Ben… listen the list is long! Do everything, that’s my advice. Do everything!

Best Shopping

Most definitely the High Street, the Nike shop on Oxford Street is legendary. Bring good travelling shoes, it’s a long street.

And of course, for vintage and unique buys there’s no place like Portobello Market in Notting Hill.

Greatest memory

Travelling with my mom and sister on our first overseas girl’s trip in 2015. I’ll take the look of awe and happiness on my mom’s face with me till I close my eyes one final time, forever.

Where to stay

There are many good places to stay in London but I found that Kensington (cue Notting Hill – not the dodgy end) is central enough to reach most destinations but also high-end enough to not have you donate a kidney just for a night’s stay.

What/where to eat

  • I never go to London without stopping at Wagamama for some Ramen noodles
  • Fish and chips – obvs! And hopefully served on a newspaper
  • Drink a cold beer inside a carpeted pub
  • Go to Brick Lane for a curry
  • Those with strong stomachs and brave palettes, try black pudding (a sausage made of blood)

Any tips for new travellers

London is one of the most organised places in the world. It’s diverse, culturally – places with African and Indian communities – and is where you want to go to see the next frontier for the bravest of fashionistas