New York

Areas to explore 
I’ve gone back to New York more than twice but I still haven’t gone to see Lady Liberty, have never had ice cream in Staten Island or been inside the Empire State Building (the queues are always nuts and I’m not one for standing in long lines). So I still have a lot to explore, do what feels right for you, that’s New York, it is whatever you want it to be.


Best Shopping

5th Avenue for everything from Victoria’s Secret to Zara
The Brooklyn flea is great market for vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind finds
The Steve Madden store in Soho is one of the best in the world
Preferably go to Woodbury Common Premium  Outlets during the summer sales (June-August). You will lose your mind! Pack 5 things and buy the rest there. Trust me on this.


Greatest memory

All my memories in New York are unforgettable.
From shopping at Woodbury Commons with my bestie Lihle (actually, shopping anywhere in NYC with Lihle is always fabulous), to going up the Rockefeller Centre, New York stays my favourite city in the world.  But I’ll never forget an impromptu night where a bunch of South Africans ended up in the now defunct Madiba’s Restaurant  in Brooklyn – from living legend and singer, Thandiswa Mazwai to the renowned photographer, Victor Dlamini, who took the cover for my book, The Way I See It. That same night I met Beyoncé’s amazing and yet humble manager, Yvette, then I also managed to finesse a photo with Jeffrey Wright (THE Jeffrey Wright of Casino Royale, Ali and Boardwalk Empire!) before we sat down with Malika Yoba who proceeded to spend half an hour telling us about his crush on Claire Mawisa. It was a beautiful night, typical of the magic that New York creates.

Where to stay

Two of my close friends stay in New York so I’m lucky to save on accommodation (because a girl must shop!) but if you’ve got money you can stay in SoHo, Bryant Park or Manhattan, or you can save some cash and Airbnb it in Brooklyn.

What/where to eat 


For those, like me, who haven’t been to the Caribbean, you’ve got to try Jerk Chicken
A hot dog with sauerkraut while walking in Central Park is mandatory
But if you’re looking for some fine dining go to Perry St. and enjoy your lunch while appreciating the views of the Hudson River


Any tips for new travellers

Go clubbing in Williamsborough! I won’t forget a thumbing African club I went to with a group of friends a couple of years ago. Bodies were vibrating, closely and intensely – we ejected ourselves within 15 minutes because we couldn’t stand the heat!